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The Electricians Troubleshooting & Testing Pocket Guide - Third Edition


Brooke Stauffer & John E.Traister Publisher: McGraw Hill / ISBN: 978-0-07-148782-5 / 2007 / Softcover / 208pgs

The ultimate electrical equipment troubleshootingpocket guide

Designed for quick reference at any job site, the Electrician's Troubleshooting and Testing Pocket Guide enables electricians using portable meters to test, maintain, and troubleshoot all types of electrical equipment and systems.

This updated classic now features:

·         Expert guidance on all the latest troubleshooting tools, testing instruments, systems, and equipment

·         Time-saving charts, tables, and diagrams for assuring quality and safety compliance

·         Vital material onpersonalprotective equipment (PPE) required for testing energized circuits

·        NEW material: coverage of new equipment, such as infrared scanners andpower quality analyzers; information and guidelines that comply with new NFPA 70E safety requirements

New to this edition

·         This is a classic, on-the-job resource updated throughout to keepelectricians and electrical engineers current on the latest tools, testing instruments, systems, and equipment

·         Packed with charts, tables & diagrams to save time while assuring quality and safety compliance

·         Coverage of new equipment such as infrared scanners,power quality analyzers, and fiber optic test meters 

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