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Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing Second Ed.

Publisher: Marcel Dekker

Hardcover: 959 pages

This practical guide provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on the testing and maintenance of electrical power systems equipment and apparatus found in utility, industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities, including when and how to perform the appropriate tests to ensure maximum operational reliability. Integrating basic principles, theory, and practice, Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing discusses:

  • ·    Routine (field) and preoperational (acceptance) testing and maintenance procedures for assessing equipment reliability and dependability

  • ·   How to inspect and test equipment and apparatus insulation integrity and other operating characteristics affecting performance

  • ·   Evaluates and interprets results for each category of testing, assisting decision making on when to remove equipment from service before failure occurs

  • ·    Explains equipment degradation mechanisms and their impact on reliability and efficiency by detailing failure modes and effects

  • ·    Emphasizes the implementation of planned maintenance and testing programs to ensure early detection of problems and prevention of expensive downtime by minimizing unplanned failures

  • ·   Contains references, equations, and photographs, including numerous tables and test connection diagrams, this valuable resource is useful for:
    •      »     Electrical and electronics, industrial, transmission, distribution, power, and energy engineers and technicians
    •      »     Maintenance and operational personnel at electrical facilities
    •      »     Plant managers and electrical utility personnel
    •      »     Technical personnel from electrical consulting and construction firms, manufacturing companies, electrical trade associations, and electrical testing companies
    •      »     Graduate-level students in these disciplines

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