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Primer on MCC Maintenance and Testing

The heart of every commercial and industrial facility is the electric motor. As the workhorse of industry, the electric motor converts electricity into physical work. The safe and reliable operation of electric motors falls back to the components and systems that start and stop them every day - the motor control center (MCC).


This seminar will:

Guide attendees through the various types of MCC's and starters, both low-and medium-voltage

Illustrate what testing and maintenance activities should be preformed to assure safe and reliable operation using the ANSI/NETA standards for maintenance testing

Cover field and shop experiences with visual and mechanical inspection, electrical tests, and electrical test values for:

  • ·      Low-voltage motor starters
  • ·      Low-voltage motor control centers
  • ·      Medium-voltage motor starters 
  • ·      Medium-voltage motor control centers



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