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Training Course - Online ANSI/NETA ATS-2013 Instrument Transformer Acceptance Testing Course

Eligible for 16 CTD credits

This online, interactive training course covers everything a NETA technician needs to know about Instrument Transformer Acceptance Testing in accordance with the ANSI/NETA Standard for Acceptance Testing Specifications for Electrical Power Equipment and Systems.These courses were created by the NETA Training Committee and were reviewed by the NETA Standards Review Council to ensure technical accuracy and relevance to all NETA Certified Technicians, regardless of Level.


Topics covered include:

    • Chapter 1: Applicable Electrical Theory
    • Chapter 2: Instrument Transformer Overview
    • Chapter 3: Test Equipment
    • Chapter 4: NETA Testing Procedures
    • Chapter 5: Safety Considerations 

The course contains interactive elements at various points that are designed to keep the technician engaged in the learning process as well as to give instant feedback on whether the information is being learned correctly.  By purchasing this course, the technician gains access to the course material for one year from the date of purchase and is given one attempt at achieving a passing score on the proficiency exam in order to receive CTD credits.  Additional attempts at the proficiency exam may be purchased separately by calling the NETA Office.


If you would like to purchase the course for multiple technicians, please contact the NETA office (888-300-6382) The NETA office will work with you to  set up individual logins for each of your technicians.

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