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Critical Maintenance for Circuit Breakers


Jim White, Shermco Industries


This seminar shares real-life experiences we've had with our customers' circuit breakers, covering the most common issues, how those problems are corrected, and how to prevent them from occurring. A show-and-tell section is set up to illustrate the results of these common mistakes made by equipment owners. Also included is an overview of testing for both low-voltage and medium-voltage air and vacuum circuit breakers.


This outstanding presentation is available as a Self-Paced Technical Seminar in streaming media format on CD-ROM (128 minutes) with the accompanying printed booklet.


We think you’ll be as excited as we are about this innovative streaming-media delivery system! This tightly-edited production incorporates all the information and media of the original presentation -- PowerPoint slides, video clips, photos, spreadsheets, other visual graphics, and audio -- to replicate the live presentation!

The Self-Paced Technical Seminar, provides a high level of value:

·  It is self-paced.

·  The program display provides the user complete control through a menu of topics.

·  The presentation is tightly edited, so the speaker is even more succinct than in real life. 

·  The program allows the user to: Replay to the extent wanted; Pause; Move back-and-forth between program segments; Fast forward; Go directly to a segment for review, even weeks later. 

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