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ANSI/NETA 2015 Standard for Electrical Commissioning Specifications - PDF

Describes the systematic process of documenting, and placing into service newly–installed, or retrofitted electrical power equipment and systems. This document shall be used in conjunction with the most recent edition of the ANSI/NETA Standard for Acceptance Testing Specifications for Electrical Power Equipment and Systems (ANSI/NETA ATS).


Voltage Classes Addressed

  • Low-Voltage Systems (less than 1,000 volts)
  • Medium-Voltage Systems (greater than 1,000 volts and less than 100,000 volts)
  • High-Voltage and Extra-High Voltage Systems (greater than 100 kV and less than 1,000 kV)



ASHRAE, ANSI/NETA ATS, NECA, NFPA 70E, OSHA, GSA Building Commissioning Guide


“... to bridge the gap between acceptance testing and electrical commissioning... completes the electrical system overall  acceptance process. Again, from individual component testing to assurance that all integral components are functioning as a complete unit within design requirements and manufacturer’s published data; along with the correct operation of all interlock safety devices for fail-safe functions; and the correct operation of all sensing devices, alarms, and indicating devices.”


Ron Widup, “Bridging the Gap from Acceptance Testing to Commissioning”

NETA World Journal, Spring 2015, page 96

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