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Electrical Testing Medium-Voltage Stator Windings


Presented by Tom Sandri, Shermco Industries and Vicki Warren, Iris Power - A Qualitrol Company


Generators and motors are reliable and typically require minimal maintenance; however as the machine ages problems can develop in the stator and/or rotor winding insulation systems. Machines that are overloaded or subjected to polluted environments, or were possibly constructed poorly, will age at an accelerated rate. Tried and true tests such as insulation resistance have been used for years, but can be ineffective in uncovering many common problems.

Over the past decade a number of new tests and monitoring techniques have become available providing the ability to detect and/or warn us of aging problems that can lead to machine failure. This paper will review stator insulation failure mechanisms, symptoms and detections tests available in the industry today. Advantages and disadvantages of online monitoring techniques and offline tests will also be discussed.

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