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Maintenance and Testing of Battery Systems


Presented by: Tom Sandri, Shermco Industries


This presentation will introduce stationary batteries and the maintenance and testing they require. Learning to identify various types of batteries, their construction, and intended applications — ranging from large UPS at data centers to protection and control at substations — is a goal of this paper and will include definitions of safety and hazards related to batteries and testing. Various failure modes related to batteries will be examined, as well as how to identify each failure. Tests and inspection procedures will be explained along with the interpretation of test results.


After the catastrophic blackout of August 14, 2003, increasing sensitivity to the interconnectivity and reliability of the Bulk Electric System (BES) has become a major focus of the Federal Electric Reliability Commission (FERC). As a result, FERC established the Electric Reliability Organization (ERO), of which the National Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) was given responsibility to generate standards that would ensure complete reliability of the BES. One of those standards, PRC-005-2, now requires utilities to mandate certain minimum maintenance requirements for batteries that interface with equipment connected to the BES within a prescribed maximum time interval. This presentation will further provide a brief history while examining the requirements laid out in the new NERC-PRC-005-2 standard.

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