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Grounding and Bonding to Avoid Disaster


Presented by:
David Brender, Copper Development Association, Inc.
Phil Simmons, Simmons Electrical Services


Data centers and other sensitive facilities have both unique and universal powering, grounding and bonding requirements, often overlooked, and not understood by most designers and contactors. By providing proper bonding and grounding of facilities greatly diminishes the vulnerability to transients, and is usually quite cost-effective with quick paybacks.

The focus of this seminar is to recommend wiring and grounding techniques and practices that should be part of the design of new or renovated structures, and to examine in particular several case studies of actual data centers that were designed above Code minimums.

Among the topics we will discuss:
The cause of power quality problems
Typical wiring versus wiring for sensitive loads
Why the National Electrical Code is inadequate for sensitive locations Grounding;
What’s required and what’s desired
Ground resistance, ground loops
Ground rod spacing, depth, overlapping influence
Backfill materials
General wiring practice, separating sensitive loads
Best practices of case histories Recommended practices of IEEE 110

The particular case studies will amply illustrate application of proper electrical infrastructure in the elimination and prevention of power quality problems, and the results that were achieved at minimal cost. The presentation is completely generic in nature, and no branded products are promoted or recommended.

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