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Developing a Cable Fault Location Strategy


Presented by: Tom Sandri, Shermco Industries


The mere mention of cable fault location sends shivers down many a spine. Don’t lose heart—all is not lost. Remember, cable fault location—like any other craft—simply requires some basic skills, proper tools, and a sound procedure. Don’t be fooled into oversimplifying the problem or solely relying on a single technique (or instrument) for every situation. Although many faults exhibit similar properties, all faults are unique—and therefore different. A fault locating technique or instrument that works well in one situation may be completely useless in another.

To use an example, a skilled golfer must be able to analyze a situation before reaching into his or her bag and selecting a club. Possessing a variety of clubs and having knowledge of their performance allows the golfer to select the most efficient tool for the job; the same is true for a skilled cable fault locator. As in diagnosing any complex problem, following a step-by-step procedure will help in arriving at the solution or in locating the fault efficiently.

During this workshop we will explore the various cable fault locations techniques, intended application and will participate in hands-on lab projects.

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