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ANSI/NETA 2019 Standard for Maintenance Testing Specifications - Bound


Specifies field tests and inspections used to assess the suitability for continued service and reliability of electrical power equipment and systems.

Equipment Addressed Includes:
·         Switchgear
·         Transformers
·         Cables
·         Switches
·         Circuit Breakers
·         Protective Relays
·         Rotating Machinery
·         Motors
·         Batteries
·         Capacitors and Reactors
·         Protective Relays
·         Instrument Transformers

2019 Revisions Include:
·         Online Partial Discharge Survey for Switchgear
·         Frequency of Power Systems Studies
·         Frequency of Maintenance Matrix
·         New Table 100.4.5 Suggested Limits for Continued Use of In-Service Natural Ester Liquids
·         New Table 100.6.4.DAC Test Voltage Levels (20 Hz to 500 Hz) as used for Maintenance Testing (50 DAC excitations) of Repaired or Refurbished Power Cables
·         New Tables 100.23 Online Partial Discharge Survey for Switchgear

2015 Revisions Include:
·         New numbering system for more accurate referencing
·         Protective relays
·         Instrument transformers
·         Rotating Machinery
·         New Table 100.11 Insulation Resistance Test Values for Rotating Machinery for One Minute at 40C
·         Revised Table 100.1 Insulation Resistance Test Values, Electrical Apparatus and Systems Other Than Rotating Machinery
·         Updated references to industry standards

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