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WEBINAR: Human Performance in Electrical Safety: Where the Rubber Hits the Road


Webinar: Human Performance in Electrical Safety - “Where the Rubber Hits the Road”

Join us for a practical and pragmatic one hour webinar detailing one of the biggest opportunities for real improvement in electrical safety. Discussions surrounding what most electrical sector staff feel but sometimes struggle to define regarding accurate root cause for near misses or significant injury in the workplace. Why having a blame culture is so bad for safety and business? How a long term learning culture sourced from the medical and airline sectors was developed and executed in USA Navy nuclear submarine programs that organically became a foundational part of North American nuclear power plant operational excellence. Standards organizations in electrical safety have continued this benchmarking as a best practice aligned with the very best continual improvement processes. How this all ties into using practical Human Performance tools in the electrical workplace as swim lanes for far safer work. Examples of electrical workplace scenarios will be used. Turning the Why’s into How’s.

Mike Doherty is President of Blue Arc Electrical Safety Technologies Inc. He has 46 years of industrial and electrical utility experience as an engineering / instrumentation technician, licensed electrician, training professional, electrical utility safety professional, and electrical safety consultant. Mike is an IEEE Senior Member; Chair of ULC CAN/ULC-S801, Standard on Electric Utility Workplace Electrical Safety for Generation, Transmission and Distribution. He was Chair of CSA Z462 Technical Committee Workplace Electrical Safety Canada from 2006– 2018 and continues to serve as a voting member. 2013 recipient of the IEEE IAS Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee (PCIC) Electrical Safety Excellence Award in Chicago, IL. and 2017 Technical Presentation Award – Best of Electrical Safety at NETA PowerTest Conference in Anaheim California. 2019 IEEE Electrical Safety Workshops Outstanding Service Award in Jacksonville Florida.

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