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Fundamentals of Transformer Differential Protective Relay Testing


WEBINAR: Fundamentals of Transformer Differential Protective Relay Testing

Differential Transformer Protection is a vastly covered topic and discussion; however, many presentations and iterations focus in on the technology and lack a practical approach. The goal for this webinar presentation is an interactive learning experience for all attendants that will cover the fundamentals of transformer differential protection that are found in the majority of applications.

The presentation will establish the ground work of current transformer installation methods (polarity, ratio, and rating); slope; inrush current; and harmonic restraint elements. During the live broadcast, an electromechanical relay will be utilized to visually demonstrate and support the theory behind protection; this will provide an upfront view of exactly how modern microprocessor relays were provided a foundation to improve upon by their predecessors. This webinar is sponsored by AVO Training and presented by Ralph Parrett.

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