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2022 Exam Preparation Seminar


NETA Certification Exams: Exam Preparation Seminar

Successful completion of the NETA Certification Exams is the result of years of hands-on field experience, safety and technical training, as well as understanding how to navigate the certification exam itself. Dan Hook and Jim Cialdea presented this seminar designed to help technicians preparing to take the NETA Level 2 Certified Assistant Technician, Level 3 Certified Technician, and Level 4 Certified Senior Technician exams. The ANSI/NETA ETT, Standard for Certification of Electrical Testing Technicians and its detailed content outlines will be referenced, deconstructed, and explained. Test preparation and test-taking skills will also be discussed


This course is currently available only to members of NETA Accredited Companies. NAC members, please log in to purchase this course.

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