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The ‘Why’ of Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker Testing


WEBINAR: The ‘Why’ of Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker Testing

Wednesday, June 29, 2022, 11:00 am CENTRAL

Presented by: Paul Grein, Circuit Breaker Sales (Texas)

When we test hundreds, if not thousands of breakers over the course of our careers it’s natural to become a bit complacent and give too much credence to the process – test, record, pass/fail, next. The goal of testing, ultimately, is to determine if the breaker will perform its design function within its ratings and ensure it will continue to do so over the next testing interval. This presentation will review the standard ratings of medium voltage circuit breakers, how the designs are tested to ensure they qualify to meet those ratings, and how field testing validates that the breaker conforms to the design.

This webinar is sponsored by Group CBS

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