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Cable Fault Locating


WEBINAR: Cable Fault Locating

Thursday, September 22, 2022, 2:00 pm EASTERN

Presented by: Tom Sandri, Protec Equipment Resources

To say that cable fault location can present challenges would be a decided understatement. Are we dealing with low voltage, or possibly medium voltage cable? Is the cable shielded or unshielded? Does the cable run in duct, trays or is it direct buried? How we answer these questions will determine the equipment, techniques and strategies used to successfully locate and repair the failure. We begin to address this topic in the Fall 2022 NETA World Journal Special Publication, Training Talk (FALL 2022: VOL. 7, NO. 2) article, “Cable Fault Location … Not for the Faint of Heart”. In this webinar we will continue to delve into the topic of efficient cable fault location strategies and techniques. We will focus our discussion on the techniques and strategy for testing and identifying faults on low voltage, and medium voltage cables. Advantages and limitations of each technique will be discussed along with developing a practical strategy for success. Have you had some struggles with cable fault location in the past? Submit your stories or questions before the webinar and we will be sure to work them into our webinar Q&A!

This webinar is sponsored by Protec Equipment Resources

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